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Companies can meet their needs by displaying what they are intending to buy and what they sell to others.
Follow the steps to make it work for you:
1- Click on “new” then you will see the form of buying and selling.
2- Buying and selling form consists of three parts “1-basic information 2-Requirments 3-setting”.you can define your buying and selling leads in product category section shown on the left of the form. Buying and selling leads section helps other users have better access to your company’s information.
1-basic information:
First; choose a language. To show your information in English and Farsi, you have to fill out the form bilingually.
Next; after choosing a language, define your request whether it is for buying or selling.
Finally; choose a title and then keywords related to your request.
What Keywords mean here is to relate your request with other words you have chosen. These keywords can be your intra-company glossary or international ones. For example; you would like to buy pump and use words like pump, oil equipments, water, petrochemical and Energy as keywords.
Picture of Products can be chosen from Albums and Media sections or uploaded from your computer directly.
Brief Description: Write down a brief introduction about your product.
Description: you can add a thorough introduction and explanations about your products in editor with full options of typing.
2-Requirement Information
- Define the price of your products or quantity to order.
- Certification Condition defines what are the users’ (companies’) conditions for selling or buying products. For example: a user can define his or her selling or buying conditions by cash, installment etc…
Your buying or selling can be limited to certain deadlines. You can also put priority or urgency for your buying request or set a time limit for selling or sale.
The next box helps you put priority for your selling or buying leads. For example, if you put “one” in the box, the given data will be displayed as your first and most important one.
If you like to display your request, click the box next to this statement “This product display in site”


Members have opportunity to hire reliable employees by putting ads of job vacancy.
It is good to mention that free members who are usually mechanical engineers and technicians can display their resume to find a suitable job for their future. All candidates can check all job vacancies presented by employers and click on “Apply” to send their resume to them.
Employers who are our paid members can click on jobs and put their job ad in ecasb website. Its section consists of 3 parts 1- Job type 2- Job Location 3-setting.
Important note: ecasb is bilingual website. To have your companies’ information shown in Farsi, you should also fill out the forms in Farsi.
1- Job Type:
You enter all needes information and put more specific data about what job demands in “Description”
· Please categorize your job vacancy.
2-Job Location
As the title itself is clear speaks by itself, address shows where your future candidate will start working. You may add up e-mail and phone number to be more clear.
You can define expiration date for your job vacancy and give priority to it.
To save all given information click on save.
To be in touch with other members, forums is a place for sharing your views, questions and your experience with other members and enjoy their views, analysis and experience.
Forums is consisted of three parts and by refereeing to any of them you can ask, answer and put comment on issues that other members have put forward.

You can easily change your company’s profile whenever you feel some changes are necessary.

Saving each group of products does not necessarily mean that it is going to be displayed, you should save the main product information in the first page to have your groups displayed.
my ecasb help

My ecasb is designed for paid-members who can have their own space to introduce their company and products.

 your company’s information will be the base of probable co-operation with other members, try to be as accurate as possible when entering your companies’ information.
Members are able to update, change and correct their company’s profile at anytime.
 My ecasb consists of 10 sections. Members fill out every sectionone by one and save them. After filling out each section’s form, the whole information will be available and displayed on ecasb website.
 1st STEP: Company Profile
 Fill out company profile forms and introduce your company thoroughly.
 My company’s sectionconsists of 7 parts: 1-Company Profile 2-Ownership Capital 3-Trade Market4- References 5- Factory Information 6-Certificates, Standards and license7-Job Qualification.
 Another important part which you can find on the right part of the page is "company categories".
 Important Note: ecasb is a bilingual site (English-Farsi). Therefore You can fill out the forms in two languages.
 · In Company Profile, you simply enter the name of your company, activity, address and contact information.
·To upload your company logo, pay attention to the size of photo explained in the form.
· In company reference, you explain thoroughly about the projects, your company is executing or has done so far.
· Factory information makes it easier for you to give information about your factory.
·If you are a member of Iran oil and energy ministries vendorlists you can fill out Job qualification section.
·In Company Category you can choose your companies category by clicking on green bottom. you may omit unfavorable category by clicking on red bottom.
By choosing company category, your company will be displayed on ecasb companies. Otherwise users should go to ecasb search engine to find your company’s information.
By clicking on green bottom, a window will pop up (if your browser have been set on pop up blocker, a yellow band will appear on top of the browser  click on the message says “allow pop up from this site”) then, click on “add to category” again.
When the pop up appears you will see a list of groups with subgroups and subcategories. You can choose appropriate ones related to your company. All groups have + signs next to them and by clicking on + you will see sub groups. After choosing groups and subgroups you should click on “Add Category” and then click on “Close and Refresh”. You can edit your information and group at any time later.
 The next step is products and services of your company.
 Click on “New” and then fill out the form including your product’s detailed information.
Important note:  to introduce all your products one by one, you may fill out a seperate form for each of them. After filling out a form for one product or a service; save it by clicking on blue bottom placed on the top of the page. Your information is saved. There is no limit in the number of forms, you wish to fill out.
The form consist of seven parts 1- Name and General Specification 2-Image and Brief Description 3- Technical specification 4- Category and Related Products 5-Payment and Shipping 6-supply 7-settings
Important note:  ecab is a bilingual website. To have your companies’ information displayed in Farsi, you should also fill out the forms in Farsi.
1- Name and General Specification:
· In group section; first; click on “add to category” in category section. Then new windows will pop up. You can define your category. This grouping helps users differentiate between your products and services.
·Define what type of product you are going to choose and if you are a producer or service provider.
·In product name you define the name given to your product. The keyword of your product means the name of similar products, service or industrial name in which the product is related to. (Example: your product’s name is pump and you choose words like pump, oil equipments, water, petrochemical and energy.)
· In Products and Services Grouping, you click on “add new group”. A window will be browsed and you define your product’s group. The grouping helps you categorize your products or services. (Example: you have some main products and each product has sub-products. You define the product name and its sub-products. If your factory has two sections “pumps and tubes” and each section has its own pumps and tubes. You define two main product groups and then create sub-products for each main group.)
By clicking on green bottom, a window will pop up ( if your browser has been set on pop up blocker, a yellow band will appear on top of the browser, click on the message says “allow pop up from this site”) if you allow the pop up from this site, click on “add to category” again.
Imortant Note: it is possible to categorize your products after saving the form in Products and services section. You click on Products & Services Grouping and create your groups and subgroups then you can put your products in pre-defined groups and sub-groups.
CODE: you define codes for your products. These codes are for identifying products and equipment in your company and organization. Example: centrifuge code AP2386.
IMAGE AND BRIEF DESCRIPTION: upload the picture of your product with a little description.
You can upload the pictures in two ways:
1-Select from uploaded media
 Click on “Insert a Picture”. A Window will pop up and you can easily search through media and other previous ones and choose a picture for your product.
2- Uploading a picture directly
First; choose a title for a picture and then upload the picture with help of pop up window. It is good to mention that the size and format of the picture should meet the format and size which is mentioned in this part.
Important Note:
 We recommend choosing option number 2 firstly. Otherwise you have to choose your picture from media. Media helps you upload all pictures in one place and then choose your product’s picture from there.
Technical specification:
Explain everything about your product like technical information and specification, Origin, logo, type of product.
You may also copy and paste all technical specification in this section
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION:  You need to explain more about your product, but first please save all the data you have entered.
Category and Related Products:
 All the groups which you created, are displayed in this form. That is why you need to enter new product first and then save it and after that you can categorize your products.
After saving new product, click on green icon (add to category), a window will be browsed and gives you this capability to choose your group in pre-defined groups and subgroups. In new browsed window you can see the products or services of your company which are related to groups and subgroups. To get access and choose subgroups with details, click on (+). At the end, click on “add category” to save your grouping. To display the grouping, click on close and refresh.
Related Products: You can link your products and services to similar products and services in order to help users have access to them easily.
Payment & Shipping and Supply are two parts in which you give more information about price, payment condition to buy, quantity to order, production capacity, packing and delivery time of your product.
Setting: you will define the priority of your products and services to display them due to their importance. You put them in priority base on 1 to ------.
At the end of the form you see “show this product in the website” and a box next to it which has already been clicked. If you do not want product to be displayed in the website, you simply      unclick in the box. The product will remain saved in your company profile on ecasb.
Important Note: To delete the product information, you simply click on blue box onthe delete blue botton on top of the page.
  3rd Step: Media (Image, Movie, ...
Media includes any picture, voice; video and documents like Excel, ppt, Doc, pdf.
To upload your information,
First; click on “NEW”. In the new form for new media updating,
Second; enter a title of media and choose the type of the media which you would like to upload .
Different file formats (pdf, exel, text, ppt, word) demands different settings; for example if you would like to upload the movie, define the length of the movie.
After uploading the media, define each media in one album.
Save the page, an icon will appear.
Last; Click on the icon to define your Album.
All information could be deleted or edited at anytime.
Important note: since you need to define the album before referring to MEDIA, follow these following steps:
First; save uploaded Mediae.
Next; define your album in album module.
Then; browse the media section and define the Mediae in predefined albums.
These steps help you to have better, faster and easier access to different Media; you have also this opportunity to use media section in Products and Services section without uploading pictures. Because pictures have already been uploaded in media section.
 4th Step: Album
-Click on “New Album” and choose a name for it, then give a brief explanation about it and then save it.
 You can define as many albums as you want. These albums are being used to group Medias. All changes and information can be deleted or edited anytime.